49. 7 by 7


I'm typing this up while watching my beloved Cubbies during their first spring training game! Have to get used to that pitch clock, that's for sure!


1. Puzzle #48 recap

Puzzle #48 answer: HEART OF GOLD

Correct entries: 49

Write-up is here!


2. The incomparable Will Nediger gave great feedback on this one, calling it "really elegant" and, more importantly, "ridiculous" (but in a good way). That's all you can hope for! It was not a Level 2 or 2.5 to create, but I think it should be to solve!

Best of luck, and may all your solves be beautiful!

Mikey G

The answer to the meta consists of two 7-letter words.


  1. This puzzle is a pure masterpiece and a work of art! Thank you!


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