48. A Romantic Centerpiece


Thanks to a fellow MGer giving me a shout-out, I send a welcome to all you new solvers! My posting schedule is a bit erratic at times, but I have a bonus midi-meta about halfway through the month (so today would qualify!), as well as a main meta on the last Saturday of the month.

1. Puzzle #47 recap

Puzzle #47 answer: CHOWDER

Correct entries: 53

Write-up is here, though it's pretty self-explanatory from the grid. SAD indeed!


2. It's a bit of a visual meta this time, and I give super shout-outs to both Peter and Claudia for their amazing feedback on this one! Seems like I've been in a Level 2.5 groove as of late, and that's what this one will likely be as well.

Best of luck, and may all your solves be beautiful!

Mikey G

The answer to the meta is a 3-word phrase visually depicted in the grid.