70. We're Coming Apart!


Hello hello! We're almost to fall (looking forward to those crunchy leaves), and I'll be decorating my office after I post this puzzle! We're also into meaningful baseball for my Cubbies, but they're in a bit of a slump right now (not the best time for it!).


1. Puzzle #69 answer: LABORED

Correct entries: 66

Shortest explanation: Easy-peasy! Seven entries can be preceded by the word "WORK," and those entries spell out LABORED, the meta answer in honor of Labor Day.


2. Leaderboard (last two puzzles almost completely logged!)


3. We are back to an every other week schedule, which means difficulty is a little more transient. This one should log in, ideally, at no more than a Level 2.

Good luck, and may all your solves be beautiful!

Mikey G

The answer to the meta is a numerical sports term.


  1. Very fun puzzle, and I'll be shocked if you know about Roy Wood's bands "The Move" and "Wizzard".


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