53. Discard Pile


Hello, all! It's time to rock and roll with our end-of-month meta, delayed a week due to a great bundle (see below). A few notes:

1. For those of who read this blog and love metas as much as I do, I highly encourage you to make a donation to CCCC, a great 16-meta bundle meant to combat cancer. My mom is a three-time cancer survivor, and I dream of a world in which cancer can be greatly reduced, if not eradicated completely. Will has been incredible spearheading this project, and I was honored to contribute a puzzle!

2. The Summer of Solves is back! Beginning in two weeks on Saturday, May 20, I will be posting a meta every Saturday (!) for 16 consecutive weeks, with difficulty in general following MGWCC conventions. I had a lot of fun doing this last year, and I look forward to sharing more of my creations with you again in '23!


1. Puzzle #52 recap

Puzzle #52 answer: TAKE HEART

Correct entries: 38

Writeup is here

The shortest possible explanation: "Four symmetrical entries can be appended with a suit in a deck of cards. Re-clue with other grid entries to get TAKE, and follow the initial mechanism with the prompt one more time to get TAKE HEART."


2. Puzzle #52 was a Level 3, and this one could also go either way, but I'm thinking Level 3.

Note: There was a typo in 17-A, which should and now reads "Every 3,600,000 milliseconds." This slight was not meta-related.

Thanks for your support, and may all your solves be beautiful!

Mikey G

The answer to the meta is often discarded.